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Explore a lava tube cave. Play a round of golf. Ride the noble Icelandic horse and experience the unique ‘gliding’ tölt. Go sea kayaking. Snorkel or scuba dive between to continents.

A wide range of activities are on offer less than 45 minutes’ drive from Eyrarbakki, making Eyrarbakki the perfect base for your adventures.

Activities & Adventures

Raufarholshellir Cave

This spectacular lava tube cave just off the road between Eyrarbakki and Reykjavik recently featured in the film ‘Noah’ as Methuselah’s cave. It takes about three hours to fully explore it and requires helmets and good headlamps or torches. The entrance and the first 100m or so are accessible as there are several openings where the top of the tube has collapsed.

Activities & Adventures


Paddle a sit-on-top kayak on the sea or lagoon.

Activities & Adventures


Golf at Þorláksvöllur Golf Course in Thorlákshöfn.

Activities & Adventures

Horse riding

Horse riding with Eldhestar.

Activities & Adventures

Horse Riding

Horse riding at Egilsstaðir 1 Farm.

Activities & Adventures

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Snorkel or scuba dive with at the legendary Silfra Fissure at Thingvellir National Park.

Activities & Adventures


Ski at Bláfjöll in winter (conditions allowing—no snow is made here)

Activities & Adventures

Hot River Hike

Hike to the hot river in Hveragerði, a natural hot spring. Be sure to stay on the path—this area is known as Reykjadalur, which means Smoky Valley, for a reason. Geothermal heat wells up from the ground here and in some places the water is nearly boiling.

Activities & Adventures

Surfing and Biking Tours

Iceland Activities offers up surfing trips on the south coast near Eyrarbakki. Their office is in Hveragerði.

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